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Airofog aerosol generator UM-2 and UM-4 are professional foggers developed to withstand the ardous field conditions encountered by private pest control applicators or governments undertaking public health operations to control mosquitoes and flies. Thus, such foggers are often applied in the field of plant protection, pest & vector control, and agriculture.

The engine is covered by a worldwide warranty supplied from Briggs & Stratton Corporation.

Advantages include:

Remote operation from a 5m cable cab-mounted control unit for engine starting and stopping, individual spray head on/off, solution tank and solution line system flushing, and light alarming when solution or flushing tank is empty.

High-capacity air filter unit with intake suitable for dusty environments.

Specially designed double turbine nozzle avoids blockage when using wettable powder suspensions or other flowable formulations.

Safety interlock ensures that spray head can only operate while blower is running correctly, which eliminates the accidental discharge of insecticide.

All parts in contact with chemicals are made of stainless steel, Teflon TM , Viton TM , PE, and PA for maximum chemical resistance and durability.



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