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Airofog electrically driven ULV cold foggers are profession applicators for applying disinfectants, biocides, insecticides or for humidification for both indoor and outdoor use. The fogger incorporates a maintenance-free encapsulated powerful electric motor blower which is corrosion-resistant, means that it is ideally suited for the application of aggressive chemicals, such as acid-based solutions applied indoors. The fogger is also equipped with a controller that allows for it to be pre-programmed for automatic operation. This improves safety by allowing fogging applications to be made without the presence of an operator and reduce chemical use in addition to reducing operating cost. Flow rate is easily visualized and can be regulated by the equipped regulator controller.

UE-1 TOP and UE-2 TOP have rotational spray heads, which automatically rotate 360° to achieve an excellent distribution of fog. An agitator unit fitted inside the solution tank also avoids the build-up of sediment, so it is ideal for use with wettable powders.




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